Monday, April 7, 2014

Leaving for the Specialty

Today is both exciting and hard as I am leaving for Hampton Virginia for the US National Specialty.  I am extremely excited to meet up with old friends, share my passion for Bernese Mountain Dogs and see some dogs from the East Coast that I normally would never get to see.

However in order to do that I must leave Ivie and the rest of the crew at home.  I gave Ivie a bath yesterday to get her cleaned up and toenails trimmed before she has her babies.  She is looking somewhat liked a beached whale at this point and she has 3 weeks left to go, she is going to be Ginormous when the time comes.

I also just found out my regular vet is going to be out of town when Ivie's pups are due.  This is terrible news and I am afraid I am going to have to take her over to Tacoma to Dr. Smith's office for a C section.  The thought of driving home with Ivie and babies is not a pleasant one, but I just don't trust the other vets in my area to do the job.

I will dwell on this more as I explore my options.  Meanwhile they are calling my flight so I am off to the best show on least in my opinion

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