Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Week to go

Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe we have one week to go before babies are born.  I am so excited and can hardly wait to see what Ivie has.  She looks like a small house on four legs or others have mentioned she deeply resembles a beached whale.

The reproduction vet indicated that because Ivie has had two c sections she will most likely need to have another one.  I had originally scheduled x rays for Monday, however a very wise old time breeder told me that if we were doing a c section there was no reason to do x rays.  We will get all the puppies and that is the main reason to do x rays.  No reason to expose the puppies to radiation if it wasn't necessary, which it wont be.

My other issue was that my regular vet is leaving town at 5am on Friday morning and won't be home until late Sunday night.  ACK!!!  I was panicking.  My vet suggested that we drive to the repro vet in Tacoma but that is two and a half hours away and the last thing I want to do it drive home after a c section with Ivie and a bunch of puppies, what if she goes into labor on the way there, what do I do then.  So I made inquiry's and made phone calls and decided our back up vet will be our old vet, Dr. Wagner.  She did Ivie's first C section and did a great job, she allowed me to watch and be available to help if need be.  We had left the clinic because Dr. Wagner had a baby and was on maternity leave when Frodo had gotten sick and no one was able to help me at that time.  Dr. Wagner was more than happy to be available to help and gave me her cell phone in case I need her in the middle of the night.  The plan is to let Ivie start the delivery process on her own, this will help with her hormones and milk production and then we will go into the vets office when she shows any signs of not being able to deliver on her own.

Today has been shopping day!  Or at least getting dog and cat food day since I will have to work the first part of next week and the store where I get my pet food is the opposite direction from work.  $600 dollars later, my dogs and cat will be able to eat for the next two months.  It is amazing how fast it all adds up.  Then off to Costco - lets just say my check book is looking rather empty right now.  I still have a few other things I have to pick up but the weather was threatening to rain and if I didn't get my lawn mowed today, It may not happen for another month and that would not be a good thing.  So I am happy to say all the dog yards are picked up and mowed.  I still need to weed eat but I couldn't get my weed eater started today, instead Dallas and I went for a nice long walk.

I will try and keep everyone up to date on things as they happen on this blog.  I find it is the easiest way to stay in contact with my puppy homes.  Feel free to leave comments or questions and I will answer them as I have time.

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