Friday, August 12, 2016

Circle of Life

This has been a very hard week for me and I am sorry to not have posted any news regarding Ivie.   I had to help Ivie cross the rainbow bridge on Tuesday morning.  It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but it was the right decision for what was best for Ivie.

Saturday a friend came and watched Dorie so that I could spend quality time with Ivie.  I didn't want to have any regrets.  We went to stores that loved her and she was adored by her fans.  We went to the park and watched ducks, kids came and petted her and we just enjoyed being together.  I will never regret that time with her.  Sunday she started to decline quite rapidly and Monday morning when I brought her into my vets office I thought this is it.  Even though Dr Allen was quite shocked at her rapid decline she felt there was hope and so I took Ivie home armed with pain meds and hope.  I stayed with her all day on Monday.

Tuesday morning she came into the house went and looked at the puppy, which Nevada allowed her to do.  They both layed together at the base of the whelping box as if Ivie was transferring all of her motherly knowledge to Nevada.  She got up to go outside and I knew at that time she was done.  She fell on the way down the ramp and I had to carry her to the van for that final car ride.

My vets office is amazing, I don't know who was crying the most, me or my vet, the vet techs or the office manger or receptionist.  They all knew what a special bond we had and felt my pain in losing her so fast.  We have sent tissue samples to get answers as to what has attacked her so hard but it will be a while before I have answers.  My vets preliminary examination is that it a cancer that attacks the small intestine.  It is vicious and deadly and she assured me that we made the right decision.

It doesn't make it any easier.  The only thing that does make it somewhat easier is the beautiful baby girl in my whelping room.  I feel so blessed to have her and am so grateful.  I do believe there is a reason that I was only given one puppy.  She is beautiful and I pray that she turns out to be the amazing girl that I hope she will be.

Each day gets a little easier, but It is the little things that I so miss.  I miss her funny little bark, her ability to sit on your lap and take all your breath away, making you feel like a 10 ton brick has landed on you.  I miss the little hop that she would do while waiting for her meals and I just plain miss her so much.  My house feels empty.  My other dogs are doing their best to make sure I am ok and Nevada is an amazing mom, has so many of her attributes, time will just tell if Dorie lives up to her legacy.

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