Thursday, August 4, 2016

We Have A Beautiful Baby Girl

I usually like to keep up a blog so that others can follow along and not feel like they are bothering me to ask questions on how puppies are doing.  I didn't get real active in posting on this blog this time because Nevada was hardly showing puppies.  When we went to do the ultra sound to confirm pregnancy there was only one puppy on the ultrasound.  When we did the x ray a few days prior to delivery - again there was only one puppy.  One puppy is certainly better than no puppies and for that I am very grateful but I feel so bad for all of my homes that have anxiously been waiting for puppies.  I didn't post anything on Face Book because I just needed to know that the puppy and mom would come through surgery and be fine.  They ARE!

A beautiful baby girl was born yesterday by C-section.  Delivered by my amazing vet and friend Linda Allen.  She was climbing towards the light and could not wait for Linda to free her.  She was crying the minute she came out and in no time at all was doing laps around the box I had brought to put her in to keep her warm while her mother was recovering from surgery.  When Nevada was well enough we had baby girl nursing from mom and then we loaded up in the van to head home.

Yesterday Nevada was just not sure about this thing that wanted to drink milk.  I talked with Madeline about it and she told me to give Nevada some calcium, after some calcium she was all about motherhood and has been an amazing mom.  Little girl is drinking well, scooting around the whelping box and let's everyone know when mom walks away and it is too cold.  I then go and turn on the heating pad, put her on it and put a blanket over her to help keep her warm and toasty and she falls asleep.

The hardest part has been Ivie.  Ivie was the worlds best mom.  She adores puppies, loves them and wants to mother them all.  Every time the puppy squeeks Ivie is all about trying to get to her to mother her.  I have had to put up a second barricade to keep her from rushing past me when I come in or out of the whelping room.  Poor eye eye, you will have time to play mother to her when she is a bit older, right now it is Nevada's turn to be mom.

I will post pictures and keep everyone up to date on our day to day happenings, feel free to leave me a comment or two and enjoy.

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