Sunday, August 7, 2016


Everytime I have a litter of puppies, Chas, my stepbrother gets to come and give puppies names so that I am not calling her puppy girl.  He has decided that her temporary name shall be Dorie.  I think that it is an adorable name.

Dorie is doing well, she is gaining weight and we are starting to get the first hints of black on her nose.  She truly is a beautiful baby girl and I am so excited to watch her grow and develop.

This has been a rough couple of days for other reasons besides the baby.  I found out Thursday evening that a very dear friend of mine had died that day of a stroke.  Cindy was a fellow Berner person, a vet and one of the best friends anyone could ever have.  She loved to come and see the puppies, I could call her anytime about something that was happening to a dog and she would offer advise or come at little or no notice to see my dogs in my house without ever accepting any payment for her services.  We would go for nice long walk in the woods and afterwards always have dinner at Fortune Star in Sequim.  I will miss her dearly and it hit pretty hard.

On top of that Friday Ivie stopped eating food.  Any Berner owner knows that when your dog stops eating you need to immediately get them into the vet.  They are a very stoic breed and not eating is usually a ign that something else is going on.

We had an appointment with my vet to take Dorie in to get her dew claws removed in the afternoon so my vet said to bring Ivie in as well.  The first words out of her mouth after checking her over was that she felt a mass in her abdomen.  Upon further x rays and ulta sounds Ivie has a large tumor in her bladder.  Linda tried to get a ssample to send off for pathology but those results came back in conclusive today.  So we need to do it again tomorrow.

Ivie is really not eating, straining very hard to pee but is happy to see me and we are having lots of snuggle time.  To say that I am so thankful that Nevada is a good mom right now is an understatement.  Susan Kowitz came over yesterday so that I could take Ivie for a car ride and walk, she enjoyed our time but is tired afterwards.  She still doesn't want to eat and I have started her on some holostic protocols that I did with Frodo when he had cancer.  Hopefully tomorrow we will get more news and can actively start to fight this nasty cancer.

Today China left for good for her forever home with Melanie.  It is good timing as I really need to focus more on Ivie and Nevada and Dorie.  If I am not reaching out at this time, I hope everyone understands.  Susan

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