Thursday, August 18, 2016

Eye's are opening!

Well little or should I say not so little Miss Dorie has finally opened her eyes, they are not open all the way but getting there.  She looks like they are going to be that beautiful Dark Eye that her momma has.

This morning she weighed in at a whopping 4 lbs 4 oz which is about where Dallas was at this age, but Dallas had 9 siblings to fight his way to the milk bar, not Dorie, she has sole access and she knows where it is.  This morning Dad was petting her and put her down and she got up on all four legs and walked across the whelping box to get to the food bar.  She has been almost walking but not quite, so today she took her first big steps.

She is a love and I bring her out at night when we are watching TV so she can cuddle on my lap, she is fine as long as her mom doesn't come around, then oh dear Lord, that nose goes into overtime and she is trying desperately to get to mom.  It always amazes me how good their sense of smell is at this young of an age.

Things around the house are getting back to normal or at least as normal as possible under the circumstances.  There is a big vacancy by Ivie being gone but each day gets a little bit easier, tears still happen more than I would like but I am so glad to have Dorie here to help ease the pain.

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