Saturday, February 11, 2017

2 More Weeks Until Puppies!

After Nevada's last singleton litter, it was recommended that I breed her on her next heat cycle.  She Came into season right before Christmas and I knew she would need to be bred over the Christmas Holiday.  Originally I had hoped to use a nice boy from California from this breeding but because of Christmas that just wasn't going to happen and I needed to look closer to home and someone that would be willing to let me impose upon their holiday to do a breeding.  I called Anne Summers and we talked about doing a line breeding on Ivie by using Bull.  Bull is a Dallas son and Ivie grandson, Nevada is an Ivie daughter.  We both are very excited about this breeding.  Bull has the qualities that Nevada is lacking and I feel that this is going to give me some beautiful puppies.

Nevada spent the week before Christmas with Anne and Greg.  Anne took her in for progesterone testing and was able to get natural breedings Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday.  Christmas day I drove down and picked Nevada up and she has been very snuggly since the breeding, (more than normal).  Nevada has been coming to work with me and sleeps under my desk at work.  She is getting bigger and bigger and today she measured 34 1/2 around her abdomen, normally she is around 27 or 28 inches and she has a couple more weeks of puppies baking in the oven.

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