Friday, June 27, 2014

Busy Day Today - 8 Weeks

It has been such a busy week and with my ankle out of commission it has made it even harder, however I cannot thank Joan Faye, Susan Kowitz, Mary Franden and my Dad enough for coming over and picking up the slack or poop or whatever it is that needs to be done.  My ankle is getting better, it doesn't quite look like the balloon it did on Tuesday and is turning all kinds of pretty colors now.  It is not broken as I went in to get an x ray against my better judgement, but too many people were concerned that it looked broken I figured I would go and get it xrayed just so they would leave me alone.

On Tuesday Susan K came up to the house and we loaded all the pups into the van with Ivie's assistance, We opened the gate and they followed mom to the van and we just lifted them up and put them into the crates.  Ivie stayed behind and Joan met us at the vets office.  Susan and Joan transported puppies back and forth and one of them stayed with the vehicle at all times just in case someone walking by had the notion that they could take a puppy, not that I think that would happen but no one wants to take any chances.  Dr. Linda checked them all out and they got a good clean bill of health,  No hernias, no heart murmurs and good hips and joints.  They all got their first set of shots and we micro chipped everyone, that way I have all the numbers to enter into Berner-Garde should someone get lost down the road it is a way for people to find out who they are.

Wednesday, Susan, Joan and Mary came over and we had Bath Day.  Susan and Joan washed the puppies and Mary and I dried the puppies.  We had quite the assembly line going and I am so thankful for every one's help.  Susan and Joan were soaked afterwards but all the puppies did very well.  Mary and I took turns, one holding and one using the blow dryer and at first the pups did not like the dryer, but realized that escape was futile and settled in and let us completely dry them.  I am not saying they liked it but they all put up with it and no one was allowed to be squirming or crying when the blower was turned off.  To say that we had 10 fuzzballs afterwards is an understatement.  Boy were they ever cute, I hadn't realized how dirty they really were and of course immediately after we let them out into the back yard, Orange boy had to go dig in the dirt tunnel that he is working on.  Oh well, they are still very clean and cute.

Today my good friends Ruth and Randy are coming to evaluate the puppies along with my friend Dani who lives in Portland.  Randy will evaluate, Ruth with scribe and Dani is coming to help move the puppies on the deck since I hurt my ankle and cannot really run with pups at this time.  It promises to be a long day and I just want everyone to know I most likely won't be contacting you until Sunday at the earliest.  Once Randy has determined which pups are show dogs then I will be contacting the show puppy homes first for them to be making their decisions about puppies.  After that is done and I know who is left over for Pet homes then I will be letting them know what the status is, so please be patient and I know the time is getting close and everyone is anxious - including me.

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