Saturday, February 18, 2017

1 Week to Go

Nevada has been coming to work with me everyday and enjoying all of the extra attention.  She has her favorite clients and I find it funny when they bypass me and go directly to her, get down on the floor and scratch her belly, which is getting bigger by the day.  She is not selective and basically anyone that will pet her gets her attention these days

This weekend is being spent cooking and freezing food so that it will be easy for me to manage and not have to take time away from watching puppies and of course getting the whelping room ready.  We are washing all the bedding, towels and making a list of everything that is needed or may possibly be needed to make an order from Amazon by the end of the weekend.

Today Nevada's wastline is 37 1/2 inches so she has gained one inch in two days and I will try and post a picture of her.  I got a new phone today and still learning how it works.

Monday afternoon we will get x rays done and get a count of how many babies there are and it will be later in the evening before I am going to be able to post about it due to classes and a meeting that same evening so please be patient with me.

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