Tuesday, February 21, 2017

And the X Ray Shows........

7 Puppies!  My vet counted 7 puppies when we went in for x rays on Monday afternoon.  I thought I may have seen one more spine but she wasn't sure about what I was seeing.

The good news is that Nevada should be able to whelp these babies without us having to do a c section, fingers and toes and everything else is crossed that this will indeed be the case.  Of the four litters I have had before, I had two litters of 10 and two litters of 1 each of those scenarios requires a c section - either too many or not enough for the girls to be able to do it on their own.

Nevada is starting to look uncomfortable and I do think she is ready to be done with this stage of pregnancy, she is still coming to work with me and the girls and clients are spoiling her rotten.  Tomorrow will be out last day at the office as I will stay home with her on Thursday to watch and I certainly don't want her water breaking at work, that would not be a good thing, so I will work from home on Thursday and everything points to puppies arriving sometime on Friday.

I will keep you posted as I can give more information

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