Friday, March 31, 2017

5 Week Pictures are Up

Yeah - I know you will all be happy to finally see pictures of the puppies.  Hard to believe they are 5 weeks old today.  Yesterday the sun came out and it was finally nice enough to have their first big adventure outside.  They enjoyed eating grass and romping and playing.  The sun felt so nice and it was just a delightful day to sit outside and enjoy puppies.

My son and his girlfriend came for a visit so I enlisted their help in getting 5 week puppy pictures...actually 4 week and 6 day pictures but close enough and for those of you that have been waiting I am sure you don't care at all that I am off by a day, just happy that I finally posted pictures!

They experienced the shop vac going next to them and handled it pretty well, a couple of them decided that it wasn't safe and high tailed it to their little cave but poked their heads out to watch and see what was going on.  My dad and I will be subjecting them to a lot of household noises in the coming weeks.  Out in the living room of course they are getting a lot of noises but we will be purposefully dropping pots and pans and stuff like that.

They really need a bath, the puppy food gets stuck in their coats and makes them crusty, I am hoping that Sunday can be bath day, I would do it today but I am flying over to Boise to evaluate the Dallas puppies that are going home this weekend.   Very excited to see his babies and help Brandy determine which puppy is going into which home.

I haven't been communicating a lot with people because I want to see who is left over after Brandy's pups are placed.  After that then I will know who is still left on my list and will start reaching out to folks in the next couple of weeks.

Lots of visitors are coming and going and the pups are getting great socialization, So if anyone wants to come and play with pups in the next few weeks let me know.

Now I better get ready to head to the airport.

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