Sunday, March 5, 2017


Yesterday my dad brought by Chaz who is my stepbrother, Chaz is a gentle soul who loves the puppies and over the years all puppies love Chaz.  He came over and spent time with each puppy in the Whelping box.  Chaz always gets to name one puppy and he has chosen to name purple boy - Goofy.  this won't be his forever name but just the nickname that Chaz has given him.

This morning the last two puppies made it over the 2 pound mark, Yeah!  they are all doing so incredible well.  The smallest is orange boy at 2 lbs .2 ounces and the largest is now Purple boy who has surpassed Yellow girl.  He now weighs 2 lbs 6.5 ounces.  They all pretty much just sleep and eat, sleep and eat and I am noticing that they are starting to be able to poop on their own now without mom's assistance,  Nevada is right there to clean up after them though and has just been the best mom.  She is eating everything I can throw at her and my grocery bill is going through the roof but she needs lot's of food at to be able to provide them the sustanence they need.

The puppies are also starting to scoot around the box, they still cannot see or hear but their sense of smell is amazing, they come out of a dead of sleep when Nevada comes into the whelping box and scurry around her, she is very careful not to step on them and it is going to be interesting in the next week when their eyes start opening of how she will manage.

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