Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Watched Puppy Doesn't Poop

I know the above title is kinda weird, but I have had weird kind of day.  Yesterday I noticed that a couple of the pups seemed to have Diarrhea, or at least the tell tale signs of it in my whelping box.  So I called my vet to get some worm medicine for them.  It is a bit early to worm them but better to be safe than sorry.  My vet wants me to bring in a sample, no problem, right!  Well this statement is easier said than done.

I spent last night watching and waiting for one of the pups to poop.  never happened at least when I was watching and paying attention.  Part of the problem is Mom!  Mom is an awesome mom and wants to keep her puppies and their box the cleanest she possibly can.  That means cleaning their bums before they have a chance to poop.  So I hatched a plan, I would stay home from work for the morning, be on poop patrol, get a sample, run it by my vets office and go into the office and work in the afternoon.  easy peasy right, WRONG!

7 am, weigh pups, clean the whelping box and get my cup of coffee for poop patrol.  Decide my best plan of action is to put Nevada outside for a couple of hours so she cannot clean pups.  Put her out and wait and watch.  Two hours later, she is launching herself against my front window and I am pretty sure at this point she is going to come through with or without my help so I let her in.  Of course she is extremely happy and immediately goes to check on her babies, cleaning them and letting them eat.  Ten minutes later she is happy and done, so I think I will put her out again.  She is not happy about this, but does go out.  I replenish my coffee and continue to sit and watch puppies.

I have brought a few files from work home with me so while they sleep, I am doing some work.  My phone rings I go to answer it and wouldn't you know one of the pups with diarrhea goes poop  but because I was not right there johnny on the spot, I couldn't catch it in time and it absorbs into the bedding.  I cannot even try and squish it out of the bedding (gross I know but this is my life right now and you need to have this extra piece of information).  So I continue on my day.  Again, Nevada is going to come through the front door with or without my help so I let her in, she cleans the puppies, feeds the puppies and leaves the puppies.

By 2pm, I called my office and they decide I should just stay home and continue on my quest.  Well it is now 5:30 and I am no better off than I was at 7am so therefore I pledge that a watched puppy doesn't poop!

On the flip side, watched puppies are fun to watch and great entertainment.  They are starting to interact with each other, chew on each other's noses and feet.  They still wobble like drunken little sailors but they are starting to get their feet under themselves and I think they are starting to hear.  At least everytime I tried to talk to someone on the phone today, they would bolt up from a dead sleep and start screaming and hollering, hoping that mom would be there to feed them.

I have noticed that Green boy wakes up from a sleep screaming for food, that then gets everyone else going and it is an all out frenzie within minutes.  They like their food and are quite vocal about it when they are hungry.

Good news is my office told me that my camera cord arrived today, so tomorrow I will be able to get it and download some pictures for you.

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