Friday, June 22, 2012

And the First one Out of the Whelping Box Is........

Blue Boy!  Surprised the heck out of my dad, who was on puppy watch so I could go to work today.  He said Ivie was laying outside of the box and blue boy started following his nose and the next thing he knew dad was catching him before he hit the floor.  I guess we have some real trackers and scent dogs here:)

They are definitely starting to do more playing and boy can they make some noise.  I have also noticed that the boys especially seem so be carrying some of grandpa Dillon's Genes as they all want to go into their cave to sleep.  According to Anne, Dillon has passed this on to most of his offspring and now it looks as though it is going down to a second generation.  Every night it is funny, the boys (not the girls) but the boys all want to stick their heads under the pig rail boards and the corners seem to be the best place to do this, they almost push each other out of the way to get the corner spot.  Should be very easy to crate train these pups!

I also received some news that Ivie's sister in Belgium had six girl's this morning and all are doing well.  I have been emailing Ronny & Christine pictures of the puppies and it will be fun to see the similarities in the two litters.

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