Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh the Great Outdoors

Today I had intended on working from home - Ha!  I think I took care of one client invoice and answered two emails and that was the extent of my working from home!  But what did happen is the puppies had an extremely busy day.  We had lots of visitors today.  First was Karla, who is a great dog person and my Nose Work instructor.  She hadn't seen the puppies for almost two weeks because she was trialing last weekend and could not believe how big and alert they were.  She gave me some links to look at for puppy socialization techniques and we talked about all kinds of things that I can do with the puppies to help them be more adept to handling different environments.  Thoroughly enjoyed her visit.  Next came Anita, she came to pick up Brandy for some Nose Work and of course had to spend some time with the puppies as well.

Then my niece and nephew came along with Chas and Carol and it was such a pretty day, we decided to take the puppies out into the front yard.  Oh what a big adventure that was.  The puppies did awesome.  Not one of them acted like they didn't want to walk on the grass, they were heading off in all different directions, climbing all over Rian and Thor and generally having a great time.  Ivie really enjoyed the room to maneuver around and at one point was rolling on her back and had about 6 puppies up on her belly trying to eat.  She seemed very relaxed with all of us there.  At one point Frodo came over and was going to lick one of the puppies but she curled her lip as if to tell him go away and he politely took the cue and walked away and stood guard at the other end of the yard.

Being home today also made me realize that these puppies were so hungry and needed more gruel to their diet.  Anne also told me that I needed to include more rice cereal to their gruel to make it more like a paste so I did that.  I have decided that the puppies will get fed four times a day and although they look totally disgusting afterwards they are much more content and happy today then they have been the last couple of nights.  This is all a big learning experience for me and it just goes to show that although I need to work in the office, I also need to be home as well.  Somehow I will come up with a happy medium that is going to make everything come together and work.


  1. Susan, it sounds like you're doing a fabulous job and you're obviously a quick study! I bet it was awesome taking them outside. How fun! Ivie laying in the grass upside down with that pile of babies is so great!! Too bad she's probably not having any fun or anything!

  2. LOVE the photo of the puppy pile-up on Ivie! What cute little butts they all have. Susan, I totally agree with Dani that you're doing an amazing job with these babies. They're SO well cared for and will no doubt be exposed to all sorts of things over the next few weeks. It's also wonderful that they all took to being on the grass with no shyness or fear. It's a tribute to a marvelous litter (momma and breeder)!