Saturday, June 16, 2012

And She's Off...

Little Purple Girl is up and walking.  She has been working on getting her sea legs the last couple of days but this morning when mom came into her whelping box she just got up and went,  I think Green and a White are going to be up in the very near future.  They are all working on the coordination so it looks like a box full of drunken sailors staggering around trying to get to mom.

Purple Girl also crossed the 2 pound mark last night and she has been eating up a storm, actually they all have.  Poor Ivie just cannot seem to have enough milk to feed them and I can tell she is frustrated about it.  For a while she would lay there and let them nurse even though she had been milked dry, this morning once the milk was gone she just got up out of the box and looked to me as if to say, I gave them everything I have, can you finish the job.  Then she laid down beside me as I bottle fed them and cleaned up their faces as I put them back in the box.  At the rate they are growing and her lack of milk, I may have to come up with another supplement to make sure they are getting enough nutrition.  So today I am going to explore what options I have and I may try and switch out one feeding to something a bit more substantial and see if that helps.

Anita came over last night to pick up Brandy and borrow my van.  They were going to have a very early morning to go up to Ferndale for an ORT (Odor Recognition Test).  I really hope they pass.  Anita has been working so hard with Brandy and Brandy clearly enjoys doing the work for Anita.  I will let you all know tomorrow if they passed.

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  1. That picture of white boy is so freaking cute I can't stand it!! That is a good sleep!