Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Things Just come Naturally

Like the Berner pose.  I think they all like to sleep on their backs in case someone walking by just wants to give them a Belly Rub and Blue Boy above is demonstrating the pose at his best at an early age.

The puppies are definitely getting more and more active and I really feel sorry for Ivie when she walks into the box.  They are like little piranah's looking for their next meal.  If I don't take some out of the box she cannot even lay down for fear of squishing them, she is such a great mom that way.  She just looks at me as if to say - ummm I need some help here.  I take 5 out and put them in the laundry basket and then she can lay down and 5 will eat and then I do the switch.   After everyone has had about 10 minutes on a teat, then I put them all back in the box and let them duke it out.  I am telling you all, these pups don't miss a meal and love their food.  They gained so much weight yesterday that I was starting to think I was over supplementing them and I thought I would change the supplemental feeding to 3 times a day rather than 4 times a day.  Well this morning I have extremely unhappy puppies.  As a matter of fact, Red has been telling me all about it now for the past 20 minutes.  I think I will just have to play it by ear and supplement when they are acting really hungry and not supplement at other times.

Some of them are really starting to get their feet under them too.  Red, Green and Purple are almost standing on all fours rather than scooting around.  It will be interesting to see which one actually does it first.

I did not get the much needed nap yesterday as I thought.  Darla had to go out and take care of her dad and then came back later to help with another feeding.  She was amazed at how strong these puppies are.  She is a Poodle person and they had to bottle feed one of their poodle's as a very young pup and she said that he was no where near as strong as these are and I know she enjoyed helping me yesterday and it was very nice to get through the feedings faster than I have been in the past.

However, I do think that I am going to have to limit to one visit per day though because I am really tired today.  I also didn't have lunch because she had come and then I took a nap after she left.  Then when I realized that she would be back, I thought I had better make myself some dinner, but she came back early so I didn't end up eating until almost 8:30 last night.  Not a good thing and I was getting kind of cranky.  I guess I learned the moral of the story is I cannot be polite and am just going to tell people I need to eat if they are here.  These are my good friends and they will understand, if not then too bad.

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