Sunday, June 24, 2012

I want to start the weekend over....

Yesterday it poured rain all day and was yucky, it was a good day to take a nap and sleep and watch puppies grow and play.  Bad part about that is that my lawn is now beginning to look like a hay field rather than a lawn.  My son came up so I could go out to the grocery store and laughed at me that pretty soon you wouldn't be able to see Frodo in the front yard......well my comment to him was he could help and do something about it.  That won't be happening soon either, he has a new job and working 60 hours a week, so I should be thankful that he came to visit me on his one day off.

So today, the sun came out, it stopped raining and I decided I was going to get that front yard mowed one way or another.  After feeding the puppies this morning they were all happy and content and asleep so I started the job.  It took all day!  I had to weed eat, then mow, then rake then do it all over again.  Of course I had to come and check on the puppies at least three or four times in between.  I guess this is going to be the summer of letting go because at that rate I am never going to get this two and a half acres looking nice.

I did manage to buy a new video camera when I was out yesterday, now the task of learning how to use it.  I should have asked my son, but I was afraid it would have disappeared like the last two that I bought.  I hope to take some videos and post them on U tube or something like that so you can see the puppies.  They are getting so big and it is total chaos when Ivie goes into the box to feed.  They are also learning how to bark and the funniest part is you will watch them bark and then the sound of it scares them and they look around to see where it came from.  They are getting more and more playful and White Boy has learned that if he doesn't get enough to eat he can scream really loud and mom will come back into the box to see what is the matter.  Oh they learn fast.....


  1. A camera!?!? You don't know what you have done for me now!!! :) I can't wait!!! Thanks THANKS thanks!!!

  2. Susan, Glad you were able to get the lawn cut so you can see Frodo again in the yard....Ha! We're home, and I'm starting to try to catch up after 11 days on the road. Gretta is sleeping @ my side as she had quite an adventure....and she's tired now. Those puppies continue to more adorable every picture you post. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stay away from their antics if I was there. Can't wait for videos too! :-) Kay Lynn, David, & Gretta-girl