Sunday, June 8, 2014

Busy Weekend

Yesterday we had some visitors, first my friend Claudia came by.  Claudia is an AKC judge and local Bulldog breeder.  She needed some puppy breath and kept giving me a bad time since the pups were so sleepy, she accused me of drugging them before she arrived.

Next came my friend Kim, Kim also lives in town and has always had Australian Cattle Dogs and is changing breeds and getting her very first Bernese Mountain Dog.  She was also quite surprised at how mellow the puppies were and I think she is smitten with a couple of the little girls.

Then we had Brian and Shannon come over from Renton, they got to experience first hand how getting on and off the Olympic Peninsula can be frustrating, as the Hood Canal Bridge opened up just for them adding an extra 45 minutes to their trip.  Brian, Shannon and Kim all got a grooming lesson, which my older dog Brandy was just all too happy to be the subject of.

I like to do this with my new puppy people, so they can understand the difference of undercoat and outer coat, as well as learn how to do toenails, trim fee and get an understanding of how much hair in involved with these dogs.  Brandy thought this was great and kept on jumping back into the puppy play area for her turn on to be loved upon again.

Ivie is so good with the visitors, we have a routine, she comes out and greats them by their car, smells the car and visitors, then we scrub up, spray shoes and come in to the puppy play area.  After it is all said and done, Ivie likes to escort them to their cars so she can make sure that they are not stealing one of her babies and we are all happy.

Brian and Shannon brought with them a towel for me to have so that when the time comes for them to bring their baby home, I can put it down for all the puppies and mom to lay on so their is a familiar scent.  I have found this works well for the first night away from home, so I would recommend as others come that you do the same.

Well time to get ready for another round of visitors today - have a great day everyone.

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