Thursday, June 12, 2014

They Love Attention

Sorry I haven't been posting much but my Son, who hasn't been home since October has come home to stay for a week.  It has been so nice having him here, he has been helping with the puppies, working in the yard, going to the dump and just taking care of things that have needed some attention.

Although he has been around for other litters, he has never stayed at the house, so is getting a first hand experience and I do think he is enjoying it very much.  The puppies adore him and he has been so helpful in bringing them in and taking them out that I will really miss his help when he leaves on Sunday.

The pups are all getting quite big and playful now, they sound as though they are going to tear each other from limb to limb at times.  Mom is starting to hold their heads in her mouth to let them know that biting is not acceptable.  I remember the very first time I saw her do this, I was amazed at how controlled and gentle she was and yet forceful enough for them to get the picture.  It really is amazing to watch how she teaches them things.

I am starting to wean them off of ground up food to softened food without puppy formula.  We are almost out of formula and when it is gone - too bad, so sad.  Their little teeth are needle sharp and so they need to start chewing, but they are so funny, they don't like change that is for sure.  Right now their mixture is 50/50 softened food to ground up food and they lap up the ground food and then have this look on their faces, like really, you expect me to eat that, surely you must have more of the good stuff.  Although there are always a couple that will go and clean out everyone's bowl - mostly, lime, teal and Hot Pink.  The boys are the first to leave and the girls are the last to stay.

This weekend, I am going to be working in the big yard, going through it with a fine tune comb so that the puppies can start going out and having more room to run and play.  They are ready and my dad is anxious for them to be out there, but they pick up everything in their mouths and I just want to be sure that there aren't any hidden surprises out there for them to pickup and chew on.

Have a great Day

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