Saturday, June 14, 2014

We Moved to the BIG Yard yesterday

Having my son here has been sooooo nice.  He has been enjoying the puppies so much and it is just really nice to hang out with him as an adult without any girlfriends around.  The plus side is he finds projects and things to do while he is here and yesterday he and my dad, fixed the steps down to the big dog yard so that the puppies can navigate them and not fall off and hurt themselves.

He also did yard patrol, raking grass, and puppy proofed the yard.  The end result is happy, happy puppies.  Tired but happy.  I wasn't home when they let them out there but have been told they were all playing in the tunnel and climbing in and out of holes and playing king of the mountain.  This is all so good for their coordination and muscle development.  They tend to play hard for about 30 minutes and then sleep for about 2 hours up in their puppy area on the deck.

Last night some of my son's friends came by after graduation to see the puppies.  They were all in the house asleep and thought that getting woken up to be petted and played with was a great thing last night.  Abby, Tak and Donovan had the best time and it was another great experience for the pups.  The other milestone we had last night is....drumroll please.......NO STRAY POOPS!!!  All poops were done in the litter box and there were not that many - they made it to going outside!  I don't know if this was because of the nightly play session or that they are finally getting the picture - but hey I will take it anyway it comes.

On another note - birds beware!  Aunt Brandy is now on full guard duty and you had better not be landing in the backyard to mess with any puppies or she will be having bird stew for dinner.  I just love watching how the big dogs go into protective duty when puppies are around, these dogs are just the best.

Well it is going to be a busy day, I see a Costco run in my future today and later John and I are going to take 6 week pictures to be posted later tonight.

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