Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We are Growing

Oh my goodness, in the last few days these guys are getting more and more active and the last two days have had some pretty big milestones.  The puppies are really starting to love people interaction.  Their little tails are wagging when I pet them and my chin is either really clean or full of leftover puppy food because each and every one of them have been giving me lots of kisses

Yesterday, Dallas had a bath and I used the blow dryer for the three plus hours it takes to completely dry him, next to the puppies.  They were a bit nervous at first but after three hours they could care less. 
Yesterday afternoon dad took off one side of their whelping box as they are getting too active for Ivie to come and go.  This opens them up to freedom at night, yet gives them the security of where they have been sleeping.  I put down rubber matting on the floor and added a litter box for them to start the learning process of being potty trained.  I have had great success with past litters and already a couple of them are starting to use the litter box.  Of course I have shavings from one end of the room to the other, but that is not my concern right now - that is what my Dyson is for.

I have newspapers down in the rest of the room and as of tonight - newspapers are great chew toys.  They have spread them, tore them and moved them all around - oh well, the idea was good.

Today they were also moved to the Weana Feeder method of feeding.  Rather than having circular bowls the weana feeder has individual feeding stations so they learn to eat a bit slower and the piggly wigglies don't get all the food.  I took a picture today and will post it tomorrow after they are downloaded.

We had our first future home come to visit today.  Joan lives here in Sequim and has been dying to come and visit and help out where possible, so today I put her to work, holding puppies while I clipped toenails.  I think she had fun and Ivie was on her best behavior once again and has yet another fan.

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  1. I just love the feeder picture and really look forward to your new posts!