Monday, July 2, 2012

Where is Summer?

Oh Boy what a busy weekend we had.  Saturday we finished off the outdoor deck area for the puppies, although the weather is so crummy and cold I cannot take them out there yet, we tried but they just sat there and shivered so back inside everyone went.  I also decided that there was just not enough room for Ivie and the puppies and the whelping box, so out it went.  The puppies have a room to themselves and Ivie is much happier, she is not worried about stepping on them and she and I have an understanding of when she wants in and out of the room.

The puppies are growing and getting bigger and bigger by the day.  I have changed up their gruel so that it is a bit thicker and they are messier and messier every day.  Sunday I could not stand it any longer and I actually had to give them a bit of a bath, not really a bath but they got washed down to get the sticky gruel off of their face and legs and ears.  They handled it very well.  They are also much more aware of me and my voice, they come running when they hear me and my dad as well.

They are also very much wanting to be petted and held and have attention, such a sweet loving group of puppies.  When friends and family call and ask if they can come and see the puppies I am very happy to have them come over, just know that you want to wear thick socks or shoes that I can spray with bleach because they have sharp little teeth and they hurt.  It is really fun to see them interact with other people.  I have given up trying to accomplish anything, as I just want to spend time with them, loving on them.

However, I am really looking forward to some nice weather and supposedly that will happen later this week.  It will be nice to take them back outside again so I can get a good handle on getting their room good and clean once again.


  1. Susan I do not even know how you are going to work and getting stuff done!! You are just amazing! Those puppies are just to cute for words!

  2. Susan, We're cool and wet here I think we're all hoping for some real summer weather. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the puppies so they can test the outdoor area. So cool that they recognize you and your dad now. What fun. And, they are adorable even when they're covered with sloppy gruel. Obviously they are enjoying it. :-) Hugs.