Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 Weeks and Counting

I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that these pups are already 7 weeks old and will be going home in a week.  It has really hit home as people call or email me to let me know when they will be coming to pick up their pup.  I still haven't got a clue as to which pup I plan on keeping and I know that makes it hard for everyone else for that I am sorry but just so many wonderful pups with great attitudes, I just never imagined it would be this hard to choose.  Usually you have a choice of one or two pups that are stand out's not in this litter!

We did the temperment testing on Tuesday.  My obedience instructor and good friend Shade did the testing in a friends training building.  We tried to limit the pups to as little contact with where other dogs have been in the building as well as where they were pottied before going in for the test.  Theoretically I was not supposed to be in the building to watch the test, but we set it up in such a way that I could watch without causing interference for the testing.  Overall the puppies did outstanding, there were a couple of small surprises for me but all in all I could have pretty much told you how they would react and what would happen in each scenario for each puppy.  Some came more readily to Shade than others and some flailed harder than others during the restraint test but all in all they came out with wonderful scores.  They did get marked down more than they should have for biting at times and I later talked with Shade about the fact that I didn't think they were biting per say but more teething because that is what they are doing.  She did agree with me that I was probably correct and she wishes that the testing didn't have so much grey area and that I should just use the information to confirm what I already knew in my heart.  This has all been such a learning experience for me.

The puppies have also moved into the big yard outdoors and man do they love it!  My dad has worked hard to fence of under the deck and make a step from the puppy area into the big yard and I so appreciate everything he has done.  He has been an amazing help.  He comes over every day so I can go to work and works on projects to make things better for the puppies.  He absolutely adores them and I think he will also be sad when they go to their new homes.  I also think that if his wife would let him, purple girl would be coming to live with them.  She has a special place in his heart and he just loves her.

The next few days are going to be crazy, we are having our local dog show here in town and lots of my Berner friends are coming to show and will be coming up to visit the puppies.  Anne will be coming up to evaluate the puppies as will Randy Johnson and I am really curious to see what they both have to say.  I am also curious to see if they have the same results or if they will pick different puppies as to who is the best.  If I was a betting person, I think they will pick different puppies...but we shall see.

My son did come over last night to take 7 week pictures, I haven't had a chance to look at them yet but will be doing so today and try to get them up for everyone.

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