Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sorry I have not Posted

The last week and a half have been so crazy, so I am very sorry for not posting sooner.  The puppies are all doing great.  They are growing like weeds and are really now at the fun stage.  They look like big teddy bears and their little personalities are really starting to show.  They had their first worming on the 8th of July and will be wormed again on the 18th and 28th, so they should be all good and cleaned out before they go home anytime from the 3rd of August on.  My vet will be coming to the house on the 1st of August and giving them their 8 week shots and I would like to have them for 24 hours after they get their shots to make sure there are not any issues before going to their new homes.  By going home on a Friday it gives you and the puppies the weekend to get them used to their new environment before going off to work on Monday.

Friday I had a very important Business meeting that I needed to attend in Portland and it was my first time being away from the puppies.  Anne and Auntie Linda came and stayed at the house and took care of the puppies and big dogs.  Little did I know that the Olympic Peninsula would have the Thunder and Lightning storm of the century on Friday and the majority of their time was spent keeping the big dogs calm from all the lightning strikes.  I was told by a friend that the National Park counted 460 strikes in less than 24 hours.  Thankfully it doesn't look like any forest fires were started in the process.  The other thing that you will all be happy to know is that the puppies really could care less about it.  They did awesome according to Anne.

Other than the storm, Anne & Linda loved playing with the puppies and both said very nice things about them.  I swear that in 48 hours they grew tons and their legs are getting bigger and bigger.  Starting to look like tiny tree trunks.  They also managed to finish potty training them and in the last 24 hours none of the puppies have had an accident in the house or on the deck!  Yeah!  Way to go Anne & Linda.

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