Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good to be Home again

I will say this once again, I am NOT a morning person, but these last few weeks with the puppies have made me be one whether I like it or not.  Being home again from my business trip and sleeping in my own bed once again is so nice, and I have to say that when Frodo woke me up this morning, I really wasn't that upset about it for a change.

It seems that the Thunder and Lightning Storm that plagued the area for what seemed like forever has gone away, and I am hoping for good.  letting everyone slept well.  The puppies were happy to do their business outdoors in the great and wild grass this morning and I am happy to not have to pick up puppy poop this morning...Yeah Auntie Linda and Auntie guys are awesome!

In the midst of not posting you may have noticed the picture above of all the puppies eating.  This is the new and improved eating system that I am LOVING!!!  Anne told me about the Weanafeeda.  I googled them and could not get one fast enough.  Tina from Jadem Mastiffs sells them in the USA and had them in Stock and was very good about getting them sent out to me.  They come in Large and Small Breed sizes and set ups for 6 and for 4 puppies.  I had to buy two of them but they are awesome.  In each little cubby is a stainless steel bowl that comes out and can be washed separately.  The nice thing about this is the it is easy to manage with the little handle on top.  I can carry them out all at once and put them down and all the puppies are getting a better chance of getting a full meal rather than running circles around each other, gobbling and gulping their food down as fast as possible.  This is more like organized mayhem and I can tell who is not eating and who is cleaning up all the bowls after everyone has left the breakfast table....RED!  That boy is a Chow Hound and loves his food.  He has surpassed all the other puppies in the weight category and he is NEVER late to the Dinner or Lunch or Breakfast Bowl that is for sure.

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  1. Susan, Glad you're home safely and that the storms seem to have passed through your area. The Weanafeeda photo is adorable. Love all those babies, and they obviously are enjoying the "chow". Funny that Red boy is the clean up boy. :-) Hope you have some nice days now where the babies can enjoy being out in the green grass "jungle". Hugs.