Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bath Day

Today I could no longer stand how gunky and gooey the puppies were and rather than go to work, I gave them all baths.  They all did very well with it.  My dad came over to help and between the two of us they were clean and dried in no time.  They all did very well, it was decided that Blue Boy was the yuckiest and Pink girl was the wiggliest, I think she would have been happy to not have her bath this morning.

It was nice to see them all clean, cute and fluffy again.  I also worked hard all day to try and keep them clean for their 4 week pictures tomorrow.  Yes they turn four weeks tomorrow, hard to believe.  What also amazes me about this group of puppies is how alert and mature they are.  They are interacting and playing with people and they are extremely alert and so sweet and loving it just makes me so happy every time I go in and play with them.

Today I also went out and bought a litter box and some shavings for them and have started to work on potty training them.  If I can get them to potty in the pan, it will make my life a lot easier and they are so smart I really don't think it will take them long to figure this out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July and I really am hoping that my neighborhood can not go overboard with fireworks this year.

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