Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evaluation Day

Do you ever feel as though you are spiraling out of control?  Well that is me this morning.  This week has been so chaotic at work that I have HAD to be in the office whether I wanted to or not.  Trying to run the business and take care of getting things ready for this weekend and guess what I am NOT Super Woman.  Something gave and unfortunately I feel as though I have let down my good friend Linda Dalton.

Our big dog show is this weekend and I also feel as though I have let our Kennel Club down by not being able to be there to assist with all the things I have done in the past.  But my main priority is these puppies.  They are 7 1/2 weeks old and at this point they are way too active to be left alone and I just won't take them down to the show site, it is way too dangerous for them.  My dad is the announcer at the show so he cannot be here and they need him more than me, so I am taking some comfort in knowing that at least I have a representative there.  The other thing is that I promised Linda she could use my RV and I would have it filled up with propane, gas and take it down for her to use.  Last night she called to see why the generator wouldn't work.  It was a major ordeal just getting it down to the site, as I needed someone to stay here with the puppies while I drove and for someone to bring me back home.  I thought I was just doing good to get it down there, I didn't think to check the batteries on the darn thing.  You guessed it, the house batteries are deader than a door nail and nothing works.  Thankfully Mona and Mark and Anne and Dawn are next to her and she can use some of their power, but this morning I am trying to orchestrate getting someone down there to get those batteries working while at home watching puppies.

After the show, everyone is coming up here and we are going to do evaluations, play with puppies and have a BBQ.   Here I feel I have let the people evaluating and my puppy owners down because I didn't realize that I couldn't download the forms online for a fee. have to purchase them and they mail them to you...crap!  So we are going to use the Akita Club's Puppy evaluation form that is found online and make some adjustments to it....I am sorry, this has all been a huge learning experience and I am still learning that is for sure.  I actually think the Akita form is better than the other forms I had planned on using and I am going to suggest to Anne that she take this to the BMDCA board and recommend they do something similar for our members that we can access online, they could even make it a money maker I am sure there are many breeders out there like me that would be willing to pay dearly for this form at the last minute:)

So folks, everyone is coming in this afternoon.  The puppies are resting, I need to finish cleaning up the house and the deck area for everyone and I will post more later.  I know I never did get the 7 week pictures up but it is kind of mute now, as we will be doing 7 1/2 week pictures today:)


  1. I'm finally connected to the internet in Cabo...anxiously awaiting those 7.5 week pics and evaluation updates!! They are ALL just too unbelievably CUTE!!!!! Don't beat yourself up about all the things seemingly going wrong. You've had a huge undertaking with this litter. 10 puppies no less! Give me a break, that's a huge deal. We have a saying at our elementary school: "It takes a village." No one can do everything all by themselves. You have an awesome crew helping you out at home and at work. You've learned a lot and will be more prepared next time. I feel for you though. That's a lot of stress for sure. For better or worse you are almost done. Then you can relax a little. Probably very little! Just know that LOTS and LOTS of people and families have appreciated immensely all that you have done and sacrificed for these precious babies!!!! xoxox

  2. Susan we are so thankful for you and everything you are doing for these beautiful pups. I feel like you are going above and beyond and am personally so impressed by how you are managing all this all at once. Don't stress about the pictures you have already given so much to all of us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!