Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Appointment Made for X Rays

I have been so busy at work the last couple of weeks, I haven't had a chance to call and make an appointment for x rays but today, I was able to get that done.  May 31st at 9am.  This is 55 days from the 1st breeding and we should be able to see how many skulls and spines there are.  I have been told she cannot eat before coming in, so I wanted the 1st possible appointment and God help me when she realizes she is not getting breakfast that morning until it is over with.

Poor Gandalf has not been able to be in the house with her since she came into season.  He just cannot seem to settle down around her and let's face it he isn't always the brightest bulb in the box.  Last night I thought I would try it again one more time and I think he finally figured it out.  Of course he had to try and poke her one more time and of course the outcome was the same.  Except this time, either her teeth finally connected or he decided that hey maybe I should go and lay down and leave her alone...yeah, finally.  Maybe life around her might get back to normal if only for a little time.

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