Thursday, May 31, 2012

Non Conclusive Evidence

I know many of you have probably been checking this all day wondering what the outcome was of Ivie's x rays today, for that I am sorry, but I didn't get back into the office until 11am and by then my clients were all over me to get their vacations booked.

Ivie and I went into see Dr. Christine this morning and Christine took lots of pictures.  Unfortunately either their x ray equipment is really bad, which she said is a definite possibility or Ivie conceived puppies later than thought and therefore we did not get a good reading.  However that being said we could see what looks like 8 puppies.  The part we are not sure about was a big area that didn't show any puppies which could mean either the equipment is bad and there are more puppies than 8 or there really are 8 puppies .

So after a talk with Anne this morning we decided I am going to take her back in on Tuesday to see if we can get a better picture.  Our main concern is there could be 4 more puppies in there and if that is the case we may really need to think about doing a C section.  Something I don't want to do, but I also don't want to jeopardize either Ivie or any of the puppies.  She has also gained 20 pounds along with the 10 inches around her girth, so we know there are lots of puppies.

Frank has been and laid the Vinyl, it looks great and my dad has finished the Whelping box.  He is now trying to make it perfect.  He really wants to paint it, but I think that is not going to happen, so don't laugh when you see it, it was made out of a couple of old signs I had in storage:)

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  1. So glad that there are more than three (which, of course, we were fairly certain due to the photos, expansion of the waist-line).....but didn't want to "jinx" it by even guessing until the X-rays were taken. Now just hoping that Ivie won't get too uncomfortable and that all goes well with the whelp or C-section (if necessary). We're wishing Ivie, you Susan, and the babies the best! Anxious in Tok, Alaska.....