Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tomorrow we go in for x rays

1st off I am very happy to say that my computer guy is a genius.  So happy that he has been able to clean out the coffee from my laptop and has ordered a new keyboard for it and jury rigged a separate keyboard for me.  New parts will be in on Tuesday and it will be as good as new.  It just amazes me how not having a laptop for 3 days has really thrown me for a loop and put me behind at work too.

I took some pictures of Ivie yesterday which I am going to post.  She is really starting to look like she swallowed a beach ball.  I also measured her tonight and she is 40 1/2 inches.   Her belly has grown by 10 inches since the 3rd of May...I am really hoping that doesn't mean she is going to have 10 puppies, but if she does then so be it.

Life at the house has been good and I think Ivie is getting tired of feeling like a beached whale.  Tonight for the first time in her life, she snapped at Brandy.   For a minute I thought I was going to have a bitch fight which would have been terrible, but thankfully both girls are very mellow and Brandy seemed to understand that she needed to just walk away and let Ivie get over whatever it was that had bothered her.  Later Brandy went up and cleaned Ivie's face as she does so many times and all was well in the world again.  But it was a wake up call for me to just make sure Ivie doesn't feel threatened in any way and let Brandy know I still love her and she is a good girl.

Let's see the room is all painted.  Frank came today and ripped up the carpet and prepped the floor for the Vinyl.  It is in the house and tomorrow he is going to install it.  Dad thinks he won't want anyone walking on it for 24 hours so he is going to bring the whelping box over on Friday.  I haven't seen it but he is very proud of his work.  I also went and picked out a daybed for the room that matches the furniture in the guest bedroom and that is going to be delivered on Monday so things are starting to come together.  Looks like starting on Monday Ivie and I will be sleeping in the new room.

Tomorrow we go in for x rays....anyone have an opinion on how many pups there are before the x ray?

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  1. So glad that your laptop is functional again and that you have such a great computer guy. Poor Ivie.....we feel sorry for her, but are so hopeful that she has a nice boy in there for us. Whatever the numbers (or genders), we'll hope for a good whelp and healthy puppies. I'm sure that poor Ivie is feeling a bit out of sorts...good thing that she and Brandy are mellow and didn't get into an altercation. Hugs to all....anxious to see what the X-ray says.