Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spa Day

Ok, you might think I am over the top and crazy but let me explain before you jump to conclusions.  I am extremely fortunate to 1 - live where I do and 2 - have the very best possible Canine Therapy Dog Spa called La Paw Spa owned by 3 my very good friend Cindy Horfstall located about 10 minutes from my house.  My dogs love going to Cindy's spa.  Well that is everyone but Brandy (That is a whole story in and by itself, she is otherwise known as "she who can walk on water".  Cindy does water canine message and therapy and without her, I am sure Gandalf would have never recovered to the extent he did after his major back surgery.  It is great for old dogs, injured dogs and today it was Pregnant dogs.  We thought it might be a nice thing for Ivie to get in the water, it is great exercise and she is a very good swimmer.  Swimming for 20 minutes gave her more of a workout today than I could have done walking with her for hours.  Plus she got the added benefit of getting messaged at the same time.

We weighed her and she has gained about 5 pounds since the 3rd of May and Cindy had to laugh that she was sinking as she was swimming and her belly had to be supported in the process.  Her muscle tone is great and we took some pictures of her today which I have posted.  Overall Ivie was very pleased with herself and I will try and get her in next weekend as well.  Oh yes, I have measured her belly and she is still the same, but I think the pictures make her look bigger because she is wet.

The whelping room project is almost completed.  I do believe I will have that room cleaned out by tonight then my dad can work on the Whelping box and I can start getting that room all set up.  One of my employee's has a day bed that is in storage that she said I can borrow it, so that will be nice to be able to sleep in the room with her.  Ruth thought it was funny that Ivie is the pregnant one and yet I am the one Nesting. LOL!  Let's just say I  just like to have everything organized and set up and don't want to be running around at the last minute looking for something that I may or may not need.


  1. Susan, We don't think you're crazy at fact, we think you're lucky as are your Berners to get such water therapy. Our first Berner, Sebastian absolutely LOVED water, and his favorite thing was to swim. Some of my favorite photos of him show him in Quartz Lake with a big Berner grin on his face. I always had to pull him out of the water as he NEVER wanted to get out on his own. Hugs to Miss Ivie and her expanding middle. What a wonderful way to exercise a momma to be. :-)

  2. As someone that has used a dog ambulance and a cat therapist, I would never judge! LOL. Ivie sounds lucky and spoiled. Good for her!!