Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cleaning out the Whelping Room

I have a back den that over the past year or two I have been remodeling and it is finally finished.  So I got the bright Idea that I should move my office out of the 3rd bedroom into this back room and use the bedroom for the whelping room.  Easier said than done.  I cannot believe how much crap I have accumulated since moving into this house.  I have already taken two loads of stuff to the Goodwill and I haven't even opened the closet door....kind of scared too now.

So How did I get so motivated today, well that would have to be motivation by panic and my good friend Cindy Horfstall who said that if I got it all cleaned out by tomorrow night she would take me to dinner....I think your off the hook Cindy, no way it is going to be done.  However I am quite pleased with the progress.

Had a good long talk with Anne today about Ivie and how to make sure she is not starving, or at least in her opinion.  Anne has always had girls that didn't want to eat and had to cook and beg them to eat so having Ms. I am STARVING is such a flip side.  There is a huge balance that needs to be done here.  She needs to not be hungry yet at the same time, I cannot have her get fat or it will be harder on her to whelp.  But tonight I think she was quite happy.  She had some blueberry's, cottage cheese and an egg mixed in with her kibble.  She was very happy and although she secretly hoped my dinner would jump off my plate and into her mouth, I don't think she was terribly disappointed when it didn't happen.  She is very content and laying at my feet right now.  Tomorrow, I promise I will post some new pictures and re-measure her waist.

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  1. Susan, Congratulations on getting a good start clearing out the future whelping room. It's comforting for me to learn that I'm not the only one who "accumulates" stuff.....David says that I'm a "pack rat", and I must admit that I do have those tendencies. So I can empathize with your chore there. Hang in there, and I hope that you get to go to dinner after all. So glad Ivie was pleased with her extra "goodies" - the blueberries and cottage cheese do sound like yummy additions. Hope she stays pleased with her portions. :-) Kay Lynn