Monday, May 21, 2012

What are Friends For

I am very happy to say that everything is now out of the Whelping Room, except for one very ugly filing cabinet, which is going to disappear as soon as possible.  My home office has been relocated and I am happy with how it has turned out and feel that it is definitely a place that I can be happy to work from at home.

Now the next issue, the flooring in the whelping room.  Of course my good friend Cindy had to ask the question.  What are you going to do with the puppy's when they grow out of the whelping box?  Oh Crap....I hadn't thought about that.  Of course we are building a wonderful puppy pen outside that they will be very safe and secure in but that can only be when I am home and on nice days when I can be out there with them.  What am I going to do with them when I go into the office for a few hours or in the evening.  The Whelping room has carpet in it.  I had planned on ripping up the carpet after this is all done and over with but I can only imagine the smell before that time.  Carpet has to be ripped up before then.  Cindy suggested maybe I put down linoleum or tile that is easy to clean.   A trip to the flooring store had to happen today, of course today would be one of those days, I couldn't even leave my desk to go to the bathroom, how the heck was I going to get to the flooring store.  Finally I just left early and so happy I did.  I found the best linoleum that will look so good with the decor I am working on.  So tonight I had to measure the room and tomorrow morning they will call to see if it is in stock at the Seattle store, if so they could have it installed by this weekend, hopefully.  So on top of the panic of everything else, I am now thinking if I am going to paint this room, I really need to do it before the new flooring goes in...will this ever end.

I know I am bringing this all on myself, because I want everything perfect for when the puppy's come.   Thankfully Cindy did bring up the subject of the flooring, but I really wish she had asked me a couple of months ago...then again, I wish I would have thought of all this a couple of months ago.

Ivie is doing well and happy with her new increased amount of food.

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