Friday, May 25, 2012

Somewhat Under Control

Vinyl has been ordered and supposed to be in on Tuesday, Yeah!   It will be installed by a friend of mine and he has promised he will have it installed as soon as it comes in and no later than next Friday.  Cutting things close I know but at least it will be done.  So now a new problem, the room must be painted before the new vinyl goes in....yep I am a sucker for punishment.  Cindy is going to come over on Sunday and after Ivie has her swimming session we are going to paint the room.

My dad is building her whelping box and after thinking that 4 x 4 would be a suitable size he has decided that is not going to be nearly big enough and redoing everything.  Luckily he had only cut a couple of pieces off the wood he feels he can salvage it and use it for something else.  He thinks he will have it done this weekend, so I am starting to feel like things are getting under control.  Still have a long list of things I need in the next couple of weeks but I am definitely feeling better about things.

Ivie is getting huge.  All of the sudden she has really grown in size.  I spoke with my Vet this afternoon and she told me not to worry about over feeding her at this point but rather give her what she wants and it might be good for her to have 3 or 4 smaller meals that will be easier for her to digest rather than having a big meal that the puppies are pushing on.  So I think that will be the way things start out the next few weeks.  I have posted a couple of new pictures for everyone to see.  You can tell how big she has gotten.

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  1. Am I the only one checking this page about 4x a day looking for updates?! This was such a fun idea! Any new measurements?