Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laptop Issues

Oh Boy what a weekend, three days off of work is a good thing, that is for everything but the laptop.  I had fully intended on putting a new post on yesterday morning.  Sat down at the laptop had my cup of coffee by my side and my cat decided she NEEDED to be petted.  She was more insistant that usually and yep you guessed it, coffee all over the laptop...a few choice words were said, including something to the tune of Damn Cat.  I called my son, and he told me what to do.  Today one of the first things I plan on doing as soon as possible, is get it into my trusty computer folks.  Hopefully they can get it working again, otherwise I see a new laptop in my future and this was not what I needed right now.

Saturday morning I went over to Kingston which is about an hour drive away for a private obedience lesson with a trainer that I have a ton of respect for.  Shade is amazing and she pointed out so many obvious things that I was doing with Gandalf in a one hour lesson.  I now have lots of things to work on while I am home this summer and looking forward to resuming Obedience training with her later in August when all the pups are gone.  The big thing that she asked me is what is my release word?  Something to think about, we all say and I know I do OK.  This is NOT a good release word and I would encourage you all to think about how many times we say OK in our vocabulary.  She suggested, finished, All Done, Move on.  I am going to do All Done as it doesn't sound like anything else I use.  However, this is easier said than done.  Years of saying OK are going to be hard to change.

Now on to the more important things, Ivie and the babies.  Ivie is doing really good.  She is moving quite slowly now, we measured her belly Saturday night and she is at 38 1/2 inches so the puppys are growing and doing well.  She went swimming with Cindy again on Saturday and I think she really enjoyed being in the water.  Of course who would not love being in the water with Cindy, she messages all those sore spots and she doesn't weigh as much.  This will be her last swimming session for a while.  Cindy helped me pick out colors for the whelping room and came over Saturday night after work and we had a painting parting, complete with Pizza a Wine - could be construed as a dangerous thing, but I am very happy with the outcome. 

We did two walls in a faux pattern using chocolate and berner brown and they look fantastic - thank you Cindy for the great idea and wonderful job of painting.  It came out looking like leather.  My dad came over yesterday to look and see and he was quite impressed.  I needed his opinion on whether two walls this color was too much but he thought it was perfect and in all of his years in construction he hadn't seen as good of a job as what we did....yeah, love pats on the back.  He did tell me that the other two white walls I had painted were the wrong tone of white, which I already knew so he helped me decide what color to do and so I finished it up yesterday....the room is all ready now for Frank to come and rip out the carpet and get that Vinyl down so that Ivie and I can start sleeping in there to get used to her new room....

Keep your fingers crossed on the laptop...Susan


  1. Good luck with the lap top. Interesting about the release word......I use OK too. The whelping room sounds lovely. I'm anxious to see photos of your painting and the finished room. So glad Ivie is doing well, getting bigger, and had another nice swim. :-)

  2. I can't wait for the x-ray results tomorrow!! The whelping room paint job sounds incredible, please post pics if you get a couple minutes. (I know, easier said than done!) What a fabulous idea!