Friday, May 9, 2014

1 Week Today

Oh My Gosh - where has the time gone - I cannot believe these babies are already a week old.  Momma Ivie is doing well and all the pups are getting enough nutrition from her that I am not supplementing.  Addy was doing it in the middle of the night but I asked her to stop since it was giving Ivie the idea that she didn't have to take care of her babies since we would do it for her and that is not what I wanted from her.  I know she can do it and it is showing as all of the puppies are thriving and have fat little bellies.

Addy and I trimmed toenails yesterday - 120 toenails if you think about it - 10 puppies x 12 toenails per puppy that is a lot of toenails and boy do they squirm so you have to try and wait for them to stop squirming so you don't take them down too far.  I think Ivie was much happier that we did that, some of them were getting quite long and sharp.

It is fun to see the black pigment start to come in on their little pink noses and little goldie is going to have a black spot right in the middle of her blaze,  I cannot wait to see how that is going to turn out.  Little Teal Girl is the first one to a teat and the last one to leave so she is gaining nicely and Hot Pink Girl is the biggest pig of the bunch.  She just muscles her way in and knocks off whoever is in her way, I predict she is going to be the alpha of the litter and the busiest of them all.  It will be interesting to see if I am right.

Every once in a while you hear one of the pups bark or growl, it is the funniest thing to hear.  You can see them dreaming and their little legs just running for all they are worth.  They are also getting a very good sense of smell and someone always has to be with Ivie when they are sleeping and she decides to come into the whelping box.  It is mayhem all squirming and scooting towards her as fast as they can scoot.  Pretty soon I think a couple of them are going to be walking - they are so strong already it amazes me.

Addy and I will take new pictures tonight at one week of age and I will post them on here as soon as I can.

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