Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st Day of Waiting

When Ivie had her big litter two years ago she decided to deliver her puppies two days early, while I was in the shower.  So this time I decided I would be prepared.  I brought home all files I needed from the office last night and advised my clients that I would be working from home for the next couple of weeks since my dog was going to be having puppies.

I have to say I think most of my clients were understanding and excited, but there are a few that I don't think understand the concept.  Why would you stay home with puppies, don't you just let the mother care for them....Yah right.  So then I have to explain to them that what should happen when a person makes the decision to breed their dog.  Puppies are fragile, they can get squished unknowingly by their mother and especially when there is a big litter, it sometimes is just impossible for her to lay down without laying on a puppy.  Then you hear the muffled ummph cry of a puppy that cannot breath, and you have to roll your hand under mom and pull them out.  Also with a big litter, mom usually doesn't have enough milk, and you have to watch and rotate the puppies on to the good teats and sometimes supplement with goats milk in order for everyone to get enough to eat.  A good breeder will also socialize and work with the puppies as they grow in order for them to be able and willing to adapt to their new environment.  After talking with them for a while, they are amazed as they had no idea that so much went into raising a litter.  So many people have never gotten a dog from a breeder but rather gotten them from a pet store or humane society or a friend who's dog just happened to have a litter of puppies.  I must admit I have been one of those people in the past and recognize that person....but I have gotten off the subject of coming to work from home in order to be prepared.

Last night I laid out all the supplies needed, changed the light bulbs in the whelping room since the only way to do so is to put a ladder in the whelping box and I didn't think that would be too good of an idea with puppies in the box.   I had bought a couple of bulbs that are supposed to last 20 years and decided this was a good place to put them.  I wondered as I was trying to get them out of the packaging If I break them getting them out of the package will they still be replaced by the manufacturer?  I doubt it - it practically takes a rocket scientist to figure out how to get these dang things out of the packaging, but I managed and installed them without breaking them, Yeah!  

We are ready and prepared!  This morning Ivie woke me up in her normal manner of whimpering and letting me know she was hungry, this is a good sign that maybe today is not yet the day and I can actually take a shower, which I did for inquiring minds.  She ate her breakfast, went out in the yard and did her business and proceeded to whine and wimper for the next hour.  I think it was because I was home and she was hoping for some sympathy, which of course she did get.  Took her temperature and it has not dropped, although this has never been an indication of puppies coming with her and proceeded to double check the whelping room.  Towels, check.  Scissors - check, paper towels - check, garbage can - check, dental floss - check, iodine - check and the list goes on.  I am ready - I think and as I sit here typing she is relaxing by the front door, probably hoping I will let her out so she can go dig a hole big enough for a small car to get lost in - but that is not happening sweetheart at least not today.  Anyway, I am prepared - I think!

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