Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Outdoors

This week, I have had to go back to work at least part of the day and my dad is enjoying taking over puppy sitting.   Today was such a beautiful day that we decided they should be outside for at least part of the day.  We set up the x pens in the grass and brought them out.  It was so fun to watch them sniffing and checking things out.

They caught on very fast how to get up the step onto the deck and immediately found what we affectionately call the puppy cave.  I have taken a plastic vari kennel apart and they all seem to love hiding inside.

Dallas so enjoyed seeing the puppies outside today, he could hardly contain himself.  He wants to play with them so bad.  He is such a wonderful puppy sitter.

Last night I think Ivie tweaked something trying to get in the whelping box and has not been feeling too well today.  I have been giving her pain medication and trying to message her, but I haven't been able to place where the pain is coming from.  I think she was very happy to have the puppies outside today so she had some room to maneuver.  I had originally thought we would make a step for the whelping box and leave it up but under the circumstances I think we will try and take it down in the next few days in order to give her more room.

All of the puppies are doing well on the puppy gruel and little lime girl has finally reached the three pound mark, much to my happiness.  Of course we have Hot Pink and Black at 5 pounds and Purple boy is hot on their heels.

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