Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Morning After

Ivie is much better this morning, has some color to her gums, she still doesn't want kibble but is happy to have turkey and raw beef to her diet and that is fine, right now she can have whatever she wants which includes my home made banana bread that she seems to really like.

The puppies are all doing very well.  All have gained a little bit of weight except for the two little ones Teal and Lime girl but they have only lost a small amount so I am still not worried.  I haven't started supplementing but m prepared to if need be, I want to give Ivie time to bring in her milk and if she can do it naturally that is the best for the puppies.

Ruth stayed with me last night and she let me take a good 4 hour nap this morning.  Afterwards we weighed and took pictures of all the puppies.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out how I managed to lose the pictures of Orange Boy, Gold Girl and Black Boy but I did and when someone comes over I will enlist their help in getting those and posted on the blog for you.  In the meantime I didn't want to lose the order in which they should be so I have left the pictures of pups in that order from the first litter.

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