Friday, May 16, 2014

2 Weeks

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!  I have been wanting to post for the past week but remember me telling you about upgrading Internet.  I did but it didn't work.  Monday the CenturyLink guy came to the house and proceeded to tell me that what they sold me over the phone wouldn't work, but he could give me better internet, I would just have to get a new router.  hmmm.  Many phone calls to local business' later, I found the one and only router at Wal Mart for $499.00!  I just about choked and went online and got it at Best Buy, but it didn't arrive until today.  So between Monday and today I have been trying to work off my cell phone.  To say I am relieved to finally have service back is an understatement and the fact that it is about 1000 x faster than what I had.

So much has happened this week, on Tuesday Addy and Dave went home.  It was so nice having them stay with me and help with the puppies.  We had a scare Monday night when in the middle of the night Ivie managed to step on little Lime Girl.  Dave woke me scared to death that she was seriously hurt and he was crying, he felt so bad that it had happened on his watch.  The good thing is at this age they are pretty flexible and although she screamed for a while she seemed fine within an hour.  I did take her into my vet the next day just to be sure and Linda said she was just fine so that put us all at ease.

Black boy was the first one to start opening his eyes.  Now they all have little slits,  They still cannot see and it is funny to watch them walk into each other or the side of the whelping box.  They are all up on all feet and walking really well.  Poor Ivie has to make a loop around the box and she still cannot lay down without assistance since they are so active.

For the longest time Teal and Lime were they only two that hadn't reached 2 lbs.  Teal reached that mark on Wed and Lime hit the 2 lb mark today.  Black hit the 3 pound mark on Wednesday and by the afternoon Hot Pink Girl was also at 3 lbs and working hard on catching up with him.  She succeeding in doing so this morning.  She has been renamed in this house as Piggly Wiggly.  That girl can eat!

Well now that I have internet I should not be so bad about posting.

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