Saturday, May 24, 2014

We are All Doing Much Better

The puppies are starting to get the hang of lapping up their food instead of sucking on it.  There are moments of brilliance and then the next round they act as though this is a brand new thing and they don't know what to do.  Up until a few minutes ago everyone but Lime girl was getting the hang of it and finally she did too.

Lime is still the smallest and I try and give her every advantage I can.  Whether that is bringing her out of the whelping box and just letting her nurse on Ivie all alone in the living room or putting her on the best teat when everyone is fighting for their spot.  She is doing well, but is quite small compared to the others and she just may be that way, in any case she is so sweet and very easy going and is going to make a very sweet pet for someone.

I have been getting asked about when people can start coming to visit the puppies.  I had originally said at four weeks but that is next weekend and this is a bad weekend for me.  Our local kennel club is putting on an agility trial and I have to make an appearance or two during the weekend so it is best if I am not trying to manage too many things at one time.  I think the following weekend would be ideal, the puppies will be 5 weeks of age and their little personalities will really be starting to develop at that time.

If you would like to visit please let me know in advance and if I have lots of requests I may have to limit the number of people on any given day and the amount of time you are here.  I ask that you don't bring other dogs to my house as I need to keep my property as contaminate free as I can for the puppies sake.  Please wear shoes that you don't mind me spraying with a bleach water mixture and if you have old pants that is good as well.  In the past I have seen where the bleach water has gotten on pants - including my own but it is all for the safety of the puppies.  You will also have to spray your hands.  Send me an email and I will give you directions to my house and if that weekend doesn't work for you then we still have a couple more before the puppies will be going home.

I did have  situation last weekend that was not too good in that some friends with a 3 year old child came to see the puppies.  He was a very, very active child, running full steam ahead and tried and tried to climb in the whelping box to get to the puppies.  Ivie was beside herself with worry and she just knew that if he succeeded he would hurt one of her puppies and she came very close to biting the child.  Ivie has NEVER, EVER tried to bite anyone but it was in her right to protect her babies and that is what she was trying to do.  Because of this incident I am not sure how Ivie is going to react around children the next time they come to the house.  I will test the waters next week with my niece and nephew that she knows and they know to be calm around the puppies.  I need to have children be here so that the puppies can get used to them but I also need them to be well mannered and not screaming or chasing after the puppies.  It was a very stressful situation last weekend and I have been putting off writing about it because I never want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, however I have to protect Ivie and not put her in that situation ever again.   Thanks for understanding and by the way I love comments if anyone ever wants to post one, that way I at least know someone is reading this.

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