Friday, May 2, 2014

They say a watched Kettle doesn't boil

And I am beginning to think a watched mom is much the same.  Although this morning Ivie really didn't want to eat her food.  She ate some then spit it out - much to Dallas and Brandy's liking.  She is resting, her temperature has not dropped which they say in necessary in order for her to start delivering puppies.  However Ivie has never read the breeders handbook and does things her own way.  With her first two litters I never saw her temperature drop, so why should it this time.

In either case, my very good friend Ruth Johnson is on her way to spend the night with me tonight.  Which will be so nice in case puppies decide to come in the middle of the night.  If not we have a c section planned for Tomorrow at 1pm and I have all my peeps lined up to help.  Linda Dalton - also coming in from out of town and is the BEST at organizing people.  I have my friend Mary Franden, who is a collie breeder, Susan Kowitz who has a puppy from my first litter and is the queen of taking pictures and documenting everything.  Anita Pedersen who is a retired er nurse and will do whatever anyone tells her to do, Courtney who is my dog sitter and a vet tech.  Ashley Angevine who is the vet tech on call and the best at reviving puppies that don't want to be revived,  I know we have Kizmet today because of Ashley's determination and willingness to not give up and of course Dr. Wagner who has given me her cell phone and told me I can call her in the middle of the night - here is hoping we don't have a middle of the night thing and more of a afternoon delivery.  My team is in place!

I have been nesting for two days, there is enough food at my house to feed a small army, I have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more which is probably a very good thing.  I managed to get 1/2 of the lawn mowed again last night and I think I will do the dog yards again once Ruth is here.  That way if I cannot get them mowed for another three weeks it won't look like I am growing hay in my back yard.  At least it is cooler today which is nice for Ivie.  

I will keep you all posted....The countdown begins.

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