Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh how the puppies are growing and are all little chubby puppies.  Their eyes are all open, although they cannot really see yet, they are busy moving around the whelping box and running into the walls and each other.

I am noticing that they are starting to paw at each other and mouth each other a little bit.  Purple Boy and Red girl are doing it the most and it is really fun to see them starting to interact with each other.

Of course they all interact whenever it is chow time. and right now they are really only eating, sleeping and pooping.  The poop always comes immediately after I change the bedding.  This morning I thought I would wait an hour after they had eaten so that they could get that all done.  Nope, they had to wait until fresh clean bedding was down to do their business.  Funny how that works.  I am still supplementing them, usually first thing in the morning, midday and the last thing at night so about every 8 hours.  It is a two hour process to feed them and I have had so many people offer to come and help and I would really love the help.  However, these puppies are the most difficult pups I have ever had the pleasure of bottle feeding.  I have taken to wearing a leather glove - otherwise they would claw my hand to shreds and their toenails are trimmed to the best of my ability without taking them down to the quik.  Black boy takes forever and I get a real upper body workout with him he fights and pushes for a good 30 minutes on each feeding.  Orange boy needs to be fed twice as he only eats so much in each feeding.  Lime girl spills half of it out her mouth.  Gold attacks the bottle like it is her last meal and Hot Pink well she can suck down 6 ounces in nothing flat, so you have to stop her before she gets too much and make sure she burps.

Good news is that starting on Friday I will work them over to puppy gruel and the bottle feeding will go away.

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