Monday, May 5, 2014

Do you have a Cows Nose?

I got your attention with that headline didn't I?  So yesterday afternoon Addy and her husband Dave showed up and what a blessing they are, such great people and for Addy to selfishly offer to come and stay with me so I can get some sleep - well those friends just are pretty amazing in my book.  Especially when one has been sleep deprived for a day and a 1/2.

When they arrived Addy asked if Ivie's milk had started to come in yet, which it hadn't and I told her so.  She then proceeded to ask me if I had a cow's nose?  huh, did I hear that right.  I know at this point I am rather sleep deprived but I couldn't have heard her correctly.  So she pointed to her nose and said a cow's nose, do you have a cow's nose?  Why on earth would I have a cow's nose is beyond my scope of things, and I told her no I did not.  That is when she told me that in China they make a Soup with a Cow's nose in it and it helps with milk production.  Ok, now I have learned something entirely new.  If I couldn't get a cow's nose, then a pigs nose was the next best thing and pigs feet were good as well.  It is now eight pm on a Sunday night in Port Angeles and finding these things are not going to happen, but I can make some phone calls in the morning and see what I can round up.

We had some dinner and Dave worked on my internet which I have been saying for years is slower than slow.  He tells me that the technology that my internet is coming in on is outdated and they stopped using it 10 years ago....hmmm that is about the time I bought the house and had it installed... Great....One more thing to talk to Century Link about, however since they have a monopoly and I have no other option up here I don't know how that is going to change...but I digress again.

Addy then sends Dave off to the store to purchase supplies to help Ivie.  As they are talking in Chinese I have no idea what they have planned but have my faith in them.  Addy and I decided at that point after weighing the puppies that they really needed some supplements and so we bottle fed them after they had nursed on Ivie for a while.  I felt better going to bed knowing they all had full little bellies and had faith that Ivie's milk would start coming in soon.  So off to bed I went....oh the much needed sleep that I was talking about.  Anyone that says sleep is over rated has never had puppies and been deprived and this is only day one - you should have seen me the first time around.  When I woke this morning, Ivie and babies all looked very happy and her milk was starting to come in, whether this is on her own or Addy's doing, I don't know, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

This morning I woke up much refreshed and sent Addy off to bed.  Puppies all look great.  Ivie was happy to see me and this morning when I weighed everyone their weights were starting to climb back up.  Ivie's milk is now coming in and I think the danger part is over.  I then made those phone calls for Addy, looking for pigs feet, cow's nose or a pig snout.  I can just see the eye's rolling on the other side of the phone call and I will be the subject of many dinner conversations tonight.  What we do for our dogs - right!

At noon we had an appointment with my vet to get dew claws removed and have her check on everyone.  Dew claw removal is one of those things I hate but I hate dew claws even more so I do remove them.  Quite a few of the puppies had double dew claws so I am glad we did remove them all.  In the middle of the removal the vets office had an emergency so we had to stop and wait.  This made for a long afternoon.  On the way home we stopped at the butcher and picked up our treasure's and Addy is going to make some god aweful concoction tonight after her nap that I am sure the dogs will love. Me not so much and I plan on making sure the kitchen window is open so the smells don't permeate the house.

So there, I hope you all have had a good laugh and for those breeders out there that are reading this, I expect you all to stock your freezer's with Cow Noses, Pig Noses and Pigs Feet.  I will let you know how it goes.

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