Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Good Morning Everyone - it is a beautiful sunny day and what a nice day for all the mothers to enjoy being with their children.

Ivie is still being a good mom and trying very hard to feed all of her babies, but it has come to my conclusion that she just doesn't have enough milk for all of them.  One of her teats doesn't produce any milk so there are 9 good teats for 10 puppies.  Last night Addy and I began supplementing again and I think everyone will be happier.  I am going to try and do it just 3 times a day, once at night, once in the morning and once midday.  Their sense of smell is amazing and this morning as I was starting with the two smallest, teal and lime girls as I would put them back into the whelping box the puppies that were around them started waking up and tried to suckle on them for the milk they had just had.

Black boy was the first one to reach 2 pounds last night and I think with the supplementing I will have a couple more that will reach that 2 pound mark today or at least very close to it.

The picture above is of Chas, Chas is my stepbrother and he adores puppies.  Chas has begged my dad to bring him to the house every day so he can see the puppies.  We told him on the first day that he had to wait until they were a week old before he could hold one.  So yesterday he held me to that promise.  Gold girl is his favorite and he calls her Goldie, I just loved this picture of her giving him kisses.

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